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The US hair brush market size is presently valued at more than 1.25 billion. 34% of consumers purchase hair styling tools once per month. 23% of consumers are purchasing hair styling tools, several times per month.

One of kind - We are not a Me-Too Brand. Our items are like no other in the market. We understand who our customers are and what they need to simplify the beauty process.

Our innovative solutions simplify styling and maintenance like no other brand. Our unique products bring Barbers and Beauticians into Retailers, while also fulfilling the needs of general consumers!

Our Mission

Beauty by Benjamin's mission is to solve lingering hair care issues with handy and innovative world-first products that are consumer friendly and exceed the expectations of both personal and professional users.

Who is Benjamin Harris?

Inventor, Visionary, and Professional Barber. I am the Creator and CEO of Beauty By Benjamin.

Raised in a single parent household. I took a bad turn in my life getting involved in drugs and destroying my community. Eventually that lead to my incarceration. During my incarceration. I used my time to become a professional barber and develop my skills as an inventor.

My sentence was commuted in 2016 by the President of the United States of America.

Today I am on a path to redemption. Bettering myself and making lives better in my community. I've started a school to teach the youth in my community how to become inventors and bring their ideas to life. My inventions are proof that regardless of your circumstances you can turn your life around and improve the lifestyles of consumers and others in your community. Beauty By Benjamin products simplifies and eliminates time during the transformation process into the best version of yourself!

  • This 4-way brush is a must have in all of our classrooms. The speed our student's have when styling due to not having to pick up a comb, then pick up a brush is amazing. This has totally changed the way we do hair.

    Beauty Instructor

    Baton Rouge Community College